(Use) INSURANCE-Really?

BEFORE you are so sold on insurance paying for outpatient (Non-hospitalization or office visits) consider this -

Insurance has YOU to pay: monthly premiums / pay an annual deductible (usually in the THOUSANDS of dollars) / THEN pay a co-pay per visit / 1 year later ALL of these expenses rises up again. It may significantly cheaper if you paid cash out of pocket for therapy services. FOR EXAMPLE: With 4 sessions for a year @ $150/appt = $600 Total for that year paid directly to the therapist. Using Insurance cost Monthly Premiums = $100 or $1,200/yr. $1,000 Annual Deductible. $50.00/visit co-pay or another $200.00. DO THE MATH. - TOTAL ANNUAL DEDUCTIBLE FOR THIS THERAPY = $2,400.00 using Insurance vs $600.00 paid directly to the therapist.

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