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Rates & Insurance

Appointment Guarantee Deposit or Fee
Must be paid to lock in your reservation of services by this office 1st. This, in essence, is a "Pay in Advance" fee which guarantees your appointment & will be applied to any charges made e.g. your "No Show Fee"; your fee for therapy; any testing or "extras" besides therapy like books, CDs or Mp3 recordings. That fee is one hundred & fifty dollars ($160.00). This may be done by telephone or on line & must be done before you come in for your 1st appointment.
 Can I use my INSURANCE?
Insurance is used or processed this way: You pay Dr. Sanderson his Therapy Appointment Guarantee Fee [$160], he will then file the claim electronically to your insurance company AFTER THE 1st SESSION.

***PLEASE NOTE THAT Dr. Sanderson's FILING YOUR INSURANCE DOES NOT GUARANTEE THAT YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY WILL PAY FOR THE SERVICES. If this becomes the case, YOU, then are held responsible for paying the fee to Dr, Sanderson directly.
Dr. Sanderson is accepted or credentialed on most Major Insurance Companies' Panels [Like: AETNA, BLUE CROSS/BLUE SHIELD (BC/BS), UNITED HEALTHCARE (UHC-OUT-OF-NETWORK & MHN), TRICARE. which means these insurance companies will most likely honor your claim.
Therapy Rates or Fees are . . .
$165 per hourly session (Marriage/Couple or, Family Therapy)
& $150 per hourly session (Individual Therapy).
$95 for 1/2 hour (individual session ONLY)..
20% discount IF you purchase a set of four (4) sessions all at one (1) time. Four (4) sessions x $150 = $600 - 20% discount of $120. You Pay $480.

Cash and all major credit and debit cards as well as Flexible Spending Accounts [FSA] or Medical Spending Account [MSA] cards  are accepted for payment. In fact you can PAY NOW through PayPal:

Amount: $

Cancellation Policy
If you do not show up for your scheduled therapy appointment, and you have not notified us at least 48 hours in advance, you will be required to pay the $160 "No Show" Fee.


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Questions? Please contact me @ [email protected] or by calling (817) 729-3034 for further information.

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