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Office Closes-Svcs Still Provided

My office at 4200 Hulen St., Ste 644 is NOW CLOSED as of the beginning of August 2019.

The services offered there [pre or marital counseling, hypnotherapy & Individual Counseling/Life Coaching]  are still available  by teletherapy (telephone) or by way of webcam. Call 817-729-3034 or go to www.TherapyAppointment.com & select an appointment & day.

I conduct "Talk Therapy" so, in essence, the "need" to see the Doctor isn't there. Even physical health professionals like M.D.- Doctors &/or Nurses "see" their patients via phone, internet or webcam - WebMD /Ask a Nurse.

Other advantages to you: Less expensive - No Gas; No use of Your Time/Travel or Personal; NEVER miss an appointment -  no "No Show or Late Fees"; No worry to get parking; No Road Rage/Traffic Jams or Wrecks.

Carry Your Therapist in Your Back Pocket via your telephone (audio or video Face Time),Tablet or Laptop/Computer. All from the comfort & Convenience from where YOU are ....

All by one of the best if not the very best Counselor / Life Coach in the DFW Metroplex - right at your fingertips!!!

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