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Further Insurance Info


*This is not meant to disparage or discourage the use of your insurance but simply meant to educate or inform you of things you may NOT have been aware of. No offense is meant.*

v  Insurance companies can legally demand that your therapist turn over your confidential therapy records at their discretion or demand. The therapist must comply or be held in breach of contract.

v  A mental health/illness diagnosis will have to be given to insurance companies if the therapist is to get paid for the services rendered.

Ø  A Mental health or illness diagnosis may:

§  Prevent you from getting a job.

§  Prevent you from gaining a job promotion.

§  Negatively impact on you maintaining your job.

§  Prevent you from acquiring certain purchases like a firearm.

§  Prevent you from joining the armed services.

§  Be used against you in a court of law.


Insurance will not really help you financially with the small charges affiliated with outpatient mental health services or counseling. Why? Because of the low cost or expense of charges being credited toward your large annual deductible! In essence, the insurance helps to prevent you from financial ruin or disaster if a major mental health challenge occurs that is very expensive (like being hospitalized) or if there is long term outpatient treatment which  is rare or almost non-existent for counseling.

Here’s an example . . .

My health insurance has an annual deductible (i.e. the amount I must pay before insurance will “kick in” their part where I will then only have to pay my co-pay to access services) of $3,000. If the therapist’s “normal” fee is $200/session but his insurance contracted or adjusted fee (fee insurance will pay the therapist) is $80/session – it would take you attending  approximately 38 sessions BEFORE reaching your annual deductible. Most therapists will typically see you for 6 to 10 sessions in a year’s time. In reality, you will never reach your annual deductible at this rate & to boot, you’ll expose yourself to the risks of little or no privacy as is mentioned above with its accompanying negative results!

Because you have insurance does not mean you have to use insurance.
You can Opt out of using insurance & then you can choose to NEGOTIATE your fee directly with the provder often costing you less "out of pocket"!

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