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Interracial Couple

About Me


Dr. Sanderson is a native Floridian who acquired his Bachelor's & Master's Degrees from the University of South Florida and his Ph.D. from the University of Florida.

He has been a Licensed Psychotherapist or Marriage & Family Therapist in both Texas & Florida. Moreover, Dr. Sanderson is a Nationally & Internationally Certified Professional Life Coach.  He has been in private counseling practice since 1981.  

Dr. Sanderson has been a Clinical Fellow of the American Association of Marriage & Family Therapy [AAMFT].

Noted lecturer, motivational speaker, and workshop leader, Dr. Sanderson's areas of expertise in counseling are:


·    Christian Counseling

·      African-American Counseling

·      Group Counseling

·      Hypnosis

·      Premarital/Engagement, Marriage/Couple & Family Counseling

·      Teens/Adults/Elderly 

Dr. Sanderson also does or has done:

·      Forensic Work in Family Court Division

·      Adult Mediation

·      Psychosocial Evaluations for CPS, Court, & Custody Cases

·       1 Counseling & Coaching through the Internet at www.SecureVideo.com  2Intensives – an entire Therapy Program in two (2) days. 3Prepare/Enrich Program for Steady/Serious, Engaged, &/or Married  (newly to seasoned) Couples.

·      Dr. Sanderson also acts as a referring agent for counseling areas or concerns he does not have expertise in.

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